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Structural Frames

Metal Frame FabricationCustom Built to meet your needs

Structural steel fabrication is our main business. We fully integrate structural steel design, fabrication and erection of portal frame, beam/column and other structures by a single source for tight quality control and fast turnaround times.

Our certified machinists and welders have experience fabricating large weldments such as conveyor systems, heat exchangers, hoppers and chutes, as well as prototype parts and machinery.

Primary Capabilities

  • High definition plasma cutter designed to handle nearly high precision tolerance needs
  • Beamline drilling using computerized technology for the most advanced CNC drilling techniques
  • Advanced metal welding by AWS D1.1 certified welders and semiautomatic machines
  • Precise mechanical, manual, or flame shearing techniques with ¼" x 12' shear capacity

Contact us for full details on a solution to meet your requirements.

Coatings and Finishes
Metal Shearing
Metal Fabrications
Metal Punching, Rolling & Bending
Precision Plasma Cutting
Prototypes to Long Runs
Tubular Bending
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