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 Fabrication Services

Lilly Industries specializes in sheet metal and structural fabrications. Related services include assembly/installation services, quality assurance, and logistics support.

Quality Assurance

At each stage of development, our rigorous and integrated quality assurance process ensures every product we manufacture meets the expectation of our customer. Product engineers perform an inital inspection as they compare the product to design specifications. Re-inspections continue through fabrication, welding, deburring and finishing processes, and final inspection occurs as our shipping department prepares for shipment.

Assembly/Installation Services

Take advantage of our product assembly and installation service. If desired, we'll assemble your manufactured parts into a finished product.

Logistics Support

Lilly Industries has has its own trucks available for certain customer shipping. We can provide direct shipping to your facilities to help cut cost and improve delivery times.  You may also pick up your items personally or we will use LTL carriers as well.  You choose the shipping method - we will oblige!

Our complete logistics service and support includes:

  • Build to forecast
  • Stocking at our facility until shipment is needed
Coatings and Finishes
Metal Shearing
Metal Fabrications
Metal Punching, Rolling & Bending
Precision Plasma Cutting
Prototypes to Long Runs
Tubular Bending
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